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Understanding why branding is critical for your website’s success starts by defining what “branding” means. defines branding as “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” The key component of this definition lies in the phrase “distinctive design.” Branding is a multi-faced marketing term that encompasses your business name, logo, and overall concept that distinguishes your business from your competitors. If you have an online business, blog, or e-commerce site, branding is key. Unlike brick and mortar storefronts, online businesses have to communicate who they are, their goals and value to customers through digital methods.

There are hundreds of thousands of online businesses out there, so it’s imperative to communicate your brand’s message quickly, clearly, and creatively. There are a few specific ways in which branding is critical for your site’s success. Take a look.

Branding Puts You Out There

It’s critical to understand that branding is how your customers recognize you. The most visible aspect of your branding is the logo, which is your company’s central icon. That’s why a professionally designed logo is important — it has to be unique and make a lasting impression on your visitors. Standing out in the minds of customers is the goal. Creating other branded imagery – such as website headers, color concepts and an overall site design – will pay off in the long run, as your brand will be easily identifiable and your messaging easily communicated.

Branding Tells Your Story

Have you ever read something then, after you’re finished, say “What did I just read?” That’s not how your customer should feel after visiting your website. All elements of your branding should tell a story — what your brand is about, what it values, and how it can help the customer. Create a brand voice through fostering a consistent through your web copy and blog content.

Branding is an Experience

Branding shows your customer what you bring to the market…and how. Your brand should show what you provide to consumers. Ask yourself why you are in business and what kind of experience you want your customers to have. Give your prospects and customers something to remember you by — show (not tell) them what you have to offer.

Ultimately, your brand is heart of your business and effectively branding is like wearing your heart on your sleeve — putting your brand out there and showing your prospective clients the best you’ve got and how it differs from the rest.

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